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Private Lessons

We offer regular private lessons and also trauma informed therapeutic lessons to adults and children who experience PTSD, Anxiety and Trauma.

The Trauma Informed Lessons are for people who have PTSD, Anxiety or have suffered through trauma. Instructor, Teresa Sheffield, specializes in Crisis Intervention and is a Peer Services Specialist Intern. She works closely with horse and client to bring awareness to the clients feelings and emotions throughout the lesson. Lessons are both done on the ground and on horseback depending upon the comfort level of the client. The client is welcome to bring their therapist or a support person with them.

NOTE: no classes will be held on Memorial Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, or 4th of July. Season ends December 2, 2022.

*** PLEASE NOTE: to book a private lesson between July 11 and September 6, please contact the instructor directly at Online booking will resume on September 7, 2002.