The Lesson Horses

We would like to introduce you to all of our wonderful and much loved lesson horses!

Sienna – is a registered American quarter horse. She does many shows; her show name is   Flashy’s Final Act.  Sienna has one foal named Peaches who is currently at a different barn. She is trained in advanced levels for English and western but is also perfect for beginner riders.

Adam- Don’t let this little Haflinger fool you, he’s got a big personality that will win you over in a heartbeat. Adam is a true veteran of our lesson program, having been with us for twenty long years! While Adam has earned himself a reputation as a bit of a slow poke, those who know him best can tell you that he’s capable of being quite zippy when his rider asks it of him, earning him the nickname of “the power pony”. However, Adam is far from a one trick pony, as he was originally an Amish cart pulling horse prior to coming to Manitou Hill Farms in 2000. Although he now spends most of his days under a saddle, Adam is still always up for a quick cart ride around the arena when the occasion calls for it, and any other shenanigans our instructors might get him into.

Indy – is a dark bay morgan-standardbred cross with a lot of personality. He’s an in-your-pocket kind of horse always on the lookout for a stray carrot or a sweet kiss on the nose. Indy’s happy go lucky, and loves human attention. He sometimes acts like a big puppy dog, always aiming to please anyone and everyone he comes into contact with. Indy came to Manitou in the spring of 2017 as a bit of a project horse but has proven to be a great learner with quite a good reputation among students and instructors alike.

Maggie – is our newest lesson horse who came to Manitou in the fall of 2019. She has a gentle personality and is figuring out how to fit in and become a veteran lesson horse more and more every day! The kids love Maggie’s pretty palomino color and sweet personality, and we’re sure you will too! As one of our more advanced lesson horses, she will be a great level up for students looking for a challenge and chance to learn with their horse, rather than just learning from the horse. A fun fact about Maggie is that she has a clover shaped brand on her left shoulder from a past owner, see if you can spot it when you come to ride!

Rebel – is a bay Quarter Horse gelding who came to us many years ago from a family who loved him very much but no longer had time for him. Because of this, Rebel had had a lot of time off and needed some work. The amazing people here put in a lot of time in with him, and now he is a solid lesson horse who we can use with our very beginners! He also now has enough knowledge to help you get to a more advanced level! Rebel makes sure his opinions on things are heard, while at the same time making sure you know he’s got your back! His registered name is A Legendary Rebel and it fits him well! This is one guy with a big attitude but an even bigger heart and he will definitely go down as one of our “legendary” lesson horses!

Lily – is a chestnut pony who came to us around 2012, so we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know her super well! This mare may be small, but don’t let that fool you, because she could outrun some of our bigger horses easily and willingly! Lily has a super lovey-dovey personality and just wants you to love on her too. She’s got a lot of pep in her step for an older girl, and we couldn’t be happier with that! Lily also likes to just be talked to and she really enforces that you two work as a team! Lily can be suitable for riders of all abilities. She just wants to make you happy.

Dora – is a Sorrel Paint even though she only has one white spot on her belly, you can also spot her by the Double S brand on her hip. Her name is actually Dirty Rock N Roll registered with the American Paint Horse Association, but we just call her Dora. Before becoming a lesson horse Dora had an extensive show career and even qualified and showed at the Paint World Championships. We have had her a couple years now and she has settled nicely into the lesson lifestyle. She is a sweet, gentle and caring horse. She is a great horse to learn both basics and some more advanced technique due to her showing skill set. She loves to go slow, fast just isn’t her speed so it makes her perfect for our little riders to build some confidence. She is a super smart horse and a great addition to our lesson program.

Lucy – there are not enough words in the world to describe how wonderful our Lucy is. Lucy is a bay mare that has a heart of gold and has been teaching kids and adults how to ride for over 20 years here at Manitou Hill Farms. She is semi retired but can still be spotted doing the occasional lesson or two because she is kind, trustworthy and smart and still loves what she does. Over her career in the lesson program she has taught 1000s of kids and is our ambassador for what a perfect lesson horse should be. She loves kids and is the go to girl for our smallest riders, if you ask any of our students there’s a good chance Lucy was the first horse they rode. Almost everyone has a “Lucy” story and we are grateful for all the lessons she has taught and continues to teach us everyday.

Kota- Kota is a beautiful 8 year old registered Bay Quarter Horse gelding. He is our newest addition to our lesson program. Welcome, Kota!