Lead Line Lesson

This is an introductory class designed to teach horse safety while having fun!
The Lead Line Lesson is intended for ages 3-8.
Length: 30 Minutes, $25
Description: Adult leads the horse at all times. They will learn how to steer, walk, and jog their horse while the adult has control at all times.

Beginner to Intermediate Riding Lessons

These are more advanced lessons that include grooming and tacking, as well as more advanced riding and control.
Beginner to Intermediate Riding Lessons are intended for ages 8 and up.
Length: 1 hour, $35
Description: In these lessons there is no longer an adult leading the horse. The rider will learn to command their horse using their words and reins.

Adult Riding Lessons

YES! We offer Adult Lessons too! (And no, you wouldn’t be the first adult to learn to ride!)
These lessons are for adults of any age and carry a maximum weight limit of 220 lbs.
Length: 1 hour, $35